Behavior Management

Behavior Management Plan

Students begin every day with 3 pieces of sports equipment.

If a student is making poor choices, I will give them a verbal reminder. (In most cases, more than 1 reminder.)

If they do not correct their behavior, I will have them put a piece of their equipment in our “equipment bucket.” THIS STUDENT WILL NOT HAVE A STICKER IN THEIR PLANNER! 

If they continue to make poor choices, they will put the second piece of equipment in the bucket, lose 5 minutes of recess, and I will write a note to mom & dad in the planner.

If the behavior continues and they lose all 3 pieces of equipment, I will write a note in the planner, call mom & dad, and they will lose 10 minutes of recess.  Depending on the behavior, there could be a referral to the Principal.

Students who have all 3 pieces of equipment at the end of the day will receive a STICKER IN THEIR PLANNER. Please congratulate them on their self control and decision to make good choices.  Smile

We will have a “Friday Fun Activity” each Friday.  If a student has lost 3 pieces of equipment in 1 day OR lost 6 or more pieces in the week, that student will not be allowed to participate in the activity. 

Each day will begin as a new day – with 3 pieces of equipment.  I hope it will be every student’s goal to be able to participate in all of the “Friday Fun Activities.”

I hope this system will help you to be informed on a daily basis of your child’s behavior in class. If they continually come home without stickers in their planner, please discuss appropriate behavior with them. It is important that you check the planner each day!